Accidental Chance and Reaction

Life usually remains very hectic throughout the day and even if we need some groceries or vegetables, we prefer post office hour and a super-mall so that we might not have to spend much time looking for things here and there, from stores to stores and rather get everything a single store as we have to rush back to our home for other activities which definitely is not productive. We have grown so busy that we hardly make time for other social activities.

Same is the case with almost every metropolitan citizen who has plenty of time for television and smart phones but not a single minute for neighbors. As usual and being with mass culture, I too rushed to the super-mall on our way to home from office in order to finish off the routine purchase on the way. I was accompanied by one of my colleagues who often escorts me to ad from office. We were having a nice chat and cutting all sorts of witty jokes while wondering around the mall to collect our necessities. Suddenly I abruptly happen to see an approaching girl in the mall with full of energy and smart appearance. Suddenly I got a feeling that I have seen that girl somewhere. I recalled throughout my memory and suddenly my eyes sparkled. Yes, I have seen the girl. She looked so familiar with one of the actors from south Indian cinema. People were normal as perhaps she was not the same person or people might not have recognized her or even being a different territory, people might not be able to recognize her so easily. I suddenly had butterfly all over my stomach and out of excitement, I conveyed my views to my colleague. Since he does not follow south Indian movies, he showed very cold reaction as he has not even heard of the name. Still I wanted to be sure and have a closer look. To make sure that she was the same person, I went nearer to her and pretended to collect some groceries from near shelf and at the same time told my friend loudly such that she may hear as I can only be sure from her reactions. I gain uttered just behind her, β€˜β€™the girl in front of us looks exactly similar to the south Indian actress [Name of the actress]” and waited for her reaction. As soon as I completed the sentence, she turned back as if it was shell shock to her. She stared as if it was never expected. She, perhaps, did not expect anyone to recognize her or relate her. Suddenly, she rushed her work and finished up with payment counter and left immediately. Her sudden rushing might have been tempted by a fear of being crowded by mob.

The accidental seeing of a celebrity on such an isolated mall and that too alone was an equally shock to me or perhaps I never expected such incident. This might be a general case in other metro and cosmopolitan cities but definitely it was awe for me. This is how life keeps us knocking with opportunities. We do need to move on and keep pace with our sincere endeavor and suddenly, out of blue moon, we meet miracles. This is where success differentiates with common self.

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