Bane of Unrealistic Opinion

One of my colleagues was having a very happy relationship when suddenly they faced same situation out of nothing and resulted in strained relationship which was so intense moments before. The couple was having very lovely moments around with hours on chatting and talking over the cell. Although there are various other negativity involved for long use of mobiles but that is immaterial now with the context and scope of this article. Coming back to the point, the couple was very happy and seemed too much involved although both the girl and the boy came from different origin, different background, different region, and different culture and were even different positioned. Still their relationship very silky and both had even planned a long and were proceeding further with their relationship when suddenly the girl disclosed her relationship with her dearest pal. On knowing this, the friend immediately negated her feeling by giving her views that the relationship wont work citing different-different reasons and circumstance. She even did not bother to learn the how and what of their relationship and she immediately poured her heart out. Now, since she was the dearest pal to her, the girl believed her blindly and ended up her so prosperous relationship just for the sake of that opinion. There were heart breaks and ignoring games and later the girl realized her mistakes. She could not forget him so easily as she thought and as was the suggestions. She came back but it was already too late and a lot of misunderstandings had already slinked in the relationship. To our surprise, both tried very hard to revive their relationship but suddenly the girl reinvented some more adventurous ideas and she married someone else abruptly ending all speculations and expectations. Though out this whole episode, the boy was a mere spectator. He only loved her and he still remembers her. He is still wondering what went wrong and what his mistake was. But the golden period have gone. Anyway, some unimportant non-judicious opinion without facts ruined something completely. Being judgmental always is not a very good idea as it can bring more harm than good. Realistic and factual opinions are always good but for that we do need to have a lot to patience, understanding and courage to know the facts or else we are not doing any good to our near and dear ones by giving our opinions.

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