Best line by a sister, “My sister-in-law should be very beautiful. That’s all. I know that rest everything will be managed by my brother”.

Nation like ours gives us a feel and exposure of varied culture, different thinking, unique beliefs and most uniquely every belief has some meaning at one segment but extremely different at other. Whatever might be the difference of belief and opinions but the bond of blood relation is what distinguishes us and identifies us. Every now and then we could witness the strong affinity and affection. Perhaps, this is how our society is bound and held together.

Recently I have been to one of my pals place and was extremely touched by the sense of affection prevailing over there. I could see the siblings of the family very dedicated to each other. They could do anything for each other. There was no sense of you and I. I was spellbound by the dedication and devotion prevailing among the siblings for each other and the family as a whole. All female siblings, although were married and settled, cared and looked after the family as if their new life has no impact on their previous life. It is perhaps an example of social reformation that our society is undergoing. The bond of affection between the male and female siblings was astonishing. They had a great sense of mutual understanding and help extending. I asked one of the female members that when are they planning for their brothers marriage and what all characters they are expecting from their would be sister-in-law. The lady just smiled and said that she only wanted her would be sister-in-law to be beautiful as she had full faith in her brother that rest everything would be handled properly by him. I had never ever witnessed such blind faith for each other among the siblings of any family till date. Just my salute for the love that I witnessed. May HE bless them with all happiness and fortunes in their life so that their bond remains same always!

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