Dangal: One more Special from the Perfectionist

Dangal is a movie of victory out of odds from all quarters. This movie narrates the story of a father chasing his dreams through his daughters, fighting through all adversities and criticism to transforming his daughters into unbeatable, commanding social respect and winning national laurels and in the process starting a trend for the entire nation to follow. This movie subsumed a glimpse of how disciplined hard work and sincerity pays. It is immaculately crafted, and the emotional highs without stuffing extra unwanted with simplistic approach towards viewpoint and simplification in narration.

The movie envisage a glimpse of the perfection that has been taken care of while selecting the star casts with utmost accuracy, compelling performances and uniformly exceptional as per the characters played where everyone seems so perfect fit that even the dual role played by Sakshi Tanwar goes unnoticed. The young pugnacious characters Fatima Sana Shaikh, Sanya Malhotra, Zaira Wasim, Suhani Bhatnagar and then the sparring partner Ritwik Sahore and Aparshakti Khurrana are certainly find of the year not to forget the antagonist, a domineering egotist, Girish Kulkarni. Such is the engaging narration of the plot. The story revolves around making of a wrestlers and conquering the world fighting from self to the entire social world and especially chauvinistic society. The fighting scenes take care of the basic wrestling rules, skills and small technical artistry in such a manner to look as similar to real as possible. The hard work and training undertaken by the all star casts are clearly portrayed. Even small techniques like how much to stretch and which position to take under defense and under attack make this movie a marvel in itself. The movie covers all emotional shades of life bundled as complete package whether father-daughter dual for supremacy is concerned which showed more than a wrestling bout which ultimately gave a false supremacy belief beginning the series of loses by the older sibling partly due to different training methods, wrestling techniques and lenient rule adopted by the national coach or youthful arrogance or childish rebellious and escapist attitude or a father’s grief after witnessing the spoilt daughter or demoralizing degradation of bout group or reinstating self belief by the main protagonist or homely conventional regional belief or gender inequality in the society or strong determination to fight for self belief or preferring father’s contradictory advise over the coach’s in live bout or coach’s negative tactics to obtain credit for success or fatherly affection. The movie mixes a right blend of comic presence with strong performance. The perfection from the perfectionists is nothing less than perfect. Aamir Khan though his obnoxious character blends his attire, without even a tint of stardom or a hint of vanity and hiss multiple ways to communicate emotions, futuristic viewpoints, his look and his weight according to the characters age from young national champion to matured socially responsible person and then the bulky over aged father at most part of the movie playing the masterpiece from loving father to strict coach and strict taskmaster with discipline obsessed.

Dangal, exhilaration of excellence, gives a glimpse of the hardship undergone through, by a sportsperson while chasing his dreams. People are forced to opt for some alternative source of earning to support living and forego his dream rather than aspiring for the ultimate glory. A wrestler from small place in Haryana dares to dream and his belief in the innate strength of his daughters. We should not forget that women are still struggling section of society in these regions from all fronts which is very beautifully raised through the voice of the protagonists’ childhood friend. This in itself makes it genius. He was the lone women empowering person in the entire region and his belief in his daughters’ ability to bring international gold. People always cheer high irrespective of nature and always get critical of struggle. This movie is a classic example of sheer determination, sacrifices and rigors where even pani puri was considered as untouchable and ultimately the sheer joy of winning ending with patriotic sentiments. The second half has become a bit predictable, repetitive and stretched with little bit of anomaly in script related to female wrestling. Still, this movie is a very engaging for all genres, inspiring sports movie nothing less than mesmerizing awe feeling not to forget the strong social message of social disparity between sexes prevalent to a large extent in the society and off course ever existing of the social evils. Bollywood very rarely epitomizes such a plot with almost all moves completely accurate without compromising freshness and expertise.

Dangal, as usual Aamir Khan Projects topped all charts where ever it was released slowly beating the box office record for grossing over Rs. 2000 crore worldwide topping Indian market without any doubt considering the demonetization effect and social media boycott campaign over intolerance otherwise the figure would have been far different.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

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