Do not just follow…Use your wit…same rule never applies to all

Today I woke up as regular day. I got ready for my regular day. While leaving for my office, I found my bike with no air at the rear wheel. Oh no! Once again, I had to walk miles in the scorching noon like heat with the bike to the next repairing centre. I started and found many well wishers with lot of suggestions to go there and there for possible repairing. I just followed their advice and to my peril, I could not get it repaired. The more I headed to the advices, the more my distances elongated and suddenly, I found myself completely drenched in sweat and thirst. Then I decided to just stick to my information of the repairing centre rather than walking here and there. After half an hour, I finally reached the centre and got it repaired.

Although people were too supportive and willing to help me out but all advices are not always good for you. Sometimes, we need to use our head and stick to what we know best. Need of the hour for me was to get the bike repaired at the earliest to save myself from the heat which was totally unbearable. Advices are always good and must be welcomed always but heading to one should definitely be our choice after careful analysis and proper thought. All advices are good but all advices are not apt for our requirement. Otherwise we are going to invite more and more problems rather than finding any solution.

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