Either you rule the world or get ready to be ruled

We people are too critics of a system running and to make the matter worse, we cannot see the system running by others and we will find everything faulty in that system. Is it jealousy or our incompetency to be at the other side of the table or we constantly try to prove our supremacy all over and make a superlative assertion of our competency before an assumed and self proclaimed inner self as if we are better than the best in the world. Perhaps, there could be scores of other way of looking at things but the centrifugal one is our work or rather mare assumption of doing a work in a certain way, even if it has nothing to do with facts and practicality, is the best and we are very proud of this dogma. Are we leaving in a world of mirage?

This is perhaps our penury that we grow up in an environment wherein we are shaped to think self centered rather than as a whole which gives us very little scope to jump into the arena of our capability rather we choose to move behind a horde of so called educated, experienced and intelligent advice and end up settling for a life of our own. The broader thinking, better insight and practical approach might have placed us at better place which would have done far good. Suddenly we are left with problem of scarcity or rather a situation wherein capability is missing from the table. Much of the intelligent brains prefer easier and safer way of life rather than jumping to clean up the mess and we expect nothing messy. When we are not doing well to the system, we should not expect good from the system. How do we take up the job of cleaning the mess without jumping into the mess?

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