Endeavor of HazirJawab to Add to the Empowering of…

HazirJawab puts its noble steps forwards towards fresh concept for empowerment and liberation of pupils with freedom of expression and interest based knowledge acquisition. Pupils are open to the pool of experts of wide verticals wherein they are free to ask on any subject and the experts will get back to them with their fitting response. They will have access to a battery of fresh concepts as well as innovative and effective discussion thread.

HazirJawab introduces perception of creative and analytical approach to understanding. Research and hypothetic advances will be instilled to empower its users with a thinking brain with responsible and conscious approach. Technical as well as non technical training will be at your finger tips. One can have the access to online resource repository in the form of knowledge shared by others. One can perk up skills and wit shared by others. One can even express his or her views in personal capacity. The idea is to add to your capacity in any and every form as much as you can in the line of your expectancy.

HazirJawab, through its repository of case studies, expert views and opinions, tutorials, interactive exercises, live demonstrations, communication programs, smartphone application, instant assistance, quick information systems and online wisdom delivery mechanism, aims to present a broad range of academic as well as non academic perspectives. All relevant online resources are available for broader enrichment and global lively interaction between the needy and the benevolent. Its content learning segment is enriched with short and tailored learning and supplementary resource centre.

HazirJawab is there to wake up the statesman within you. With the advent and empowering of mobile technology, approach of people and their way of looking at the world has revolutionized.

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