HazirJawab: Question Answer Application

HazirJawab application introduces one to the online consulting and counseling era where all personalized information including consultations, suggestions, tips, guidance, projects of all sorts, works, assignments, planning, design etc. are available at your single finger tab irrespective of location and time. You have access to all experts, consultants, guides, counselors etc. of varied domain befitting your all requirements.

· If you come across any sixes and seven, tab to HazirJawab and get suitable guidance.

· If you find your work extremely extraneous, tab to HazirJawab to get perfect assistance.

· If you are looking for a different opinion on your views, HazirJawab is always present with varied opinion of its experts.

· If you have come across a herculean task, you need not to get disheartened. Reach HazirJawab for apt assistance.

· If you wish to have your way of care free live, hand over your burdens to HazirJawab.

· If you have any query, ask HazirJawab for all answers.

· If you wand audience, reach HazirJawab.

· If you wish to vent your views, post at HazirJawab.

· If you dream anything, customize accordingly at HazirJawab.

Use HazirJawab:

1. User must register for attachment.
2. User can login with registered username and passwords.
3. User can easily manage own profile.
4. User has wide area to quench his/her anxiety related to any particular category.
5. User has facility to see all the asked questions and given answers by other registered users.
6. Search option gives flexibility to search users as well as category through respective keywords.
7. User can see his/her own history of asked questions and further conversation threads.

Hazir Jawab is a user-friendly app for questions and answers. Explore wide range of questions and answers at Hazir Jawab app. You can share your wisdom and access knowledge and opinion of others.



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