How much justified is the selective behavior shown by us?

Recently I had boarded Jet Airways flight 9W661 from Bangalore to Kolkota and GoAir flight G8/537 from Kolkota to Ahmedabad and incidentally found the entire ground staff and cabin crew to be very sincere with their work. They never offended anyone and were very helpful however, I found something anomaly. Their whole sincerity and care were jeopardized by simple error perhaps out of ignorance or general human tendencies which always goes unnoticed. I found the ground staff of both the places i.e., at Bangalore and Kolkota & Kolkota and Ahmedabad, and cabin crew very selective in their salutations and wishing to their guests. They were more courteous in their approach to some while very casual to others. The casual approach was definitely doing more bad than good. It is not the point that I or rather anyone was offended. I have been witness to all sorts of variations and hence this hardly matters or even gets any attention in this busy life however, I felt that a little bit of here and there would have done a lot of good to the Airways. A little generality in their behavior would have been better as for them everyone was perhaps equal apart from appearance. This is general human behavior but off course never promoted in service industry and that too to such a reputed industry of a caliber of Jet Airways and GoAir Airways who is known for their high quality of services. I would like to recall the tagline of Jet Airways as “Enter as guests, Leave as friends”and GoAir Airlines as “Fly Smart”.

This is perhaps human tendencies or natural human behavior to behave intuitively to someone’s appearance or pre conceived mind. We very often do it regularly but always get unnoticed since either people are too busy to take care of such things or they prefer to ignore this silly issue. The biggest surprise is that we very often tend to ignore these rather than correcting. Off course it as far easier to say but then not that difficult to at least practice.

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