Launch of an exclusive private & priority service has come up with a more personalized and private service for its users to enjoy fast, simple and comfortable service experience, at all times. With the advent of 3G services and the upcoming 4G network where each and every handset device is turning smart, this is the most convenient modes of contact for all and is serviced by trained professionals who ensure that you receive a quick and informed response always. This is an exclusive priority service where in you could trust and confine your heart with patient ear and get a parental tab of trust and assurance on your shoulder instantly with proven wisdom. To make the consulting and counseling services more convenient for you, we have exclusive relation team will service all your needs and emotional quench. You will be assured of priority processing for all your requests. Online live chat facility with experts for quick resolution to your queries and concern. Enjoy quick, simple and comfortable service experience right away to engage your laborious time engaging concerns. The portal offers several avenues for its end users as well as experts to get connected for even the most basic issues.

If you have a question, encounter a problem, or require immediate assistance with an expert, do not hesitate to contact the portal’s live assistance. This facility is available on round the clock basis. The conversation at the assistance desk may be recorded and used by portal in future as a proof of a chat and for similar resource seeking section as promotional essence. The conversation through live assistance segment cannot involve any form of abusive language. The live assistance section cannot be used for cross selling of any products or any other form of solicitation. It cannot be used to vent your anguish over any issue or person. The live assistance section will resolve issues based on the priority area of the concerned expert. The portal has the right to discontinue the chat facility at any point in time, at its own discretion. The portal does not guarantee that all queries posted at the live assistance section will be immediately redressed. The portal or its experts is not responsible for any delay caused in attending to, or replying to, the queries via live assistance. In case of any specific query pertaining to your policies, you are advised to post your concern at the portal directly. In case of any conflict between the information provided in the live assistance section and information present on the portal, the latter shall prevail. The portal attempts to provide you reliable information through this facility. However, you accept that there are likely to be some discrepancies in the information provided through the live assistance section facility and that you shall seek a written confirmation of any information from the portal if according to you, such information is vital and is likely to have an impact in future. You also agree that any information provided through, this live assistance section does not give raise to any cause of action for you against the portal to raise any legal disputes against the portal and you agree that you will not use the information provided in this assistance section against the portal in any Forum of whatsoever nature and shall keep the information provided to you strictly with you.

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