Learning from Shree Bhagavada Gita – III (In respect to day to day life)

The more one reads Bhagavad Gita, the more he/she will be enlightened with newer wisdom. The conversation between Arjuna and Shri Krishna is nothing less than divine wisdom.

Listening at not so pleasing advice from Shri Krishna, Arjuna says further that he cannot fight with the legendary seniors who are nothing less than worth worshiping. This verse has great significance in our daily life. We need to move ahead irrespective of surroundings and opinions of others. We are very often bogged down by thoughts as if we do this, those sections will think that and feel that way and so on. In reality, we should continue with our sincere endeavor towards our roles and responsibilities. The world is full of differences and opinions. It is never possible for anyone in this world to do something which meets everyone’s requirement and fulfills everyone’s wishes. Opinions and ideaologies are bound to come face to face. We have to keep up with our roles and duties in line with the ideologies we are into without harming anyone else belief. If something is wrong then we must be ready to condemn it even if that thing is very dear and respectful to us as otherwise there will hardly be any scope of improvement. The more we come in conflicting situation, the more we open new avenues. In Hindu mythology and tradition, seniors are always supposed to be respected and worshiped and even if they are wrong somewhere the next generation never opposes. It is not to be mistaken with these views. Respect, worship and love identify people in a crowd. The moment we have a different set of identifications, we are bound to follow an ideology. Now it is up to us to understand, choose and follow the ideology we fall into. If we are following something which is detrimental to other segments of humanity, we are doomed meet the consequences. There we have to be responsible for our deeds and actions.

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