Extract from the book “Life & Society – A Different Perspective to Society” By DEO


I can never misunderstand you. I even did not misunderstand you when people used to blabber anything against you like your habit of playing with hearts and enjoying yourself. I always believed you and respected you the way I have been doing it when I first met you or when you first proposed me. You have always been someone very special to me and you will always remain so. It is just that we came to such juncture of life with reasons, perhaps I will never make out in my life.


As far as my life is concerned, I have told you many times that I am not someone who does anything superficially. I do everything from the bottom of my heart. In this case, I have already gone too far. I am not waiting because of you. I am waiting because of my love that has been such an affectionate and lovely. If ever I dare to deviate, it would be an insult to my own feelings and my love. I know all these are very hypothetical to understand in your fancy world but I am not the one who follows the crowd. I have learnt throughout my life to be a human and respect everything. Bottom line is that, it is me who has gone close to you whatever the circumstances might be. We always confront many preferences but we never grab them all but only those which fit in our expectations. No one forced me into anything. So, whatever comes to my kitty, I have to swallow. Unfortunately, I am left with nothing. It is not your mistake. You have every right to choose your destiny. I have chosen my own. It is not by resilient or force. It just happens with someone and that that person is left with only the bitter pill to swallow. Some experiences are good, some are bad and some are simply worthless. It doesn’t matter where you fit in.


It has been very painful journey for me since a long time. You have options and courage to move ahead without turning back but I carry a lot of weight at my back with which I just cannot turn around. It is too heavy. You can move ahead with your life since feelings and emotions hardly matter to you but other side of a coin is never the same. If you have not understood me for so long then how you will do so now. It is simply worthless thought. Please move ahead with your life. You have a dream of leading a center. Go and conquer your dream. All the best! I can never even think of something which is detrimental to your thought even.

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