“Life & Society – A Different Perspective to Society”

Extract from the book “Life & Society – A Different Perspective to Society” By DEO

I do not know what you have been thinking all these days about me or our association but let me tell you my side of the story. Unless I am clear here, I do not think you will be able to get my point. Perhaps, you will understand as I am being very straight and honest. It is up to you whether you take it sportingly.

Since our college days, we have been very close and in regular conversation. I do not shy away from the fact that I was not on the brighter side of academics then but still we lived together. Past college days, we continued to communicate in the same zeal which turned out to somehow match our common goal. I have always asked your clear and apt intent which you conveyed to me but always I found you far behind. I have been very dedicated to my profession and by HIS grace sniffed success at greater height always. There was a time where I have seen the darkest moment of life but then I do not complaint as I have gained much more than that and that is my intent and ability to come out of any perils. Keeping that aside and not wasting your much time, let me come to the point. I have always asked you for your dedication and efforts but I always found that when you are in conversation with me, you are with me and as soon as the conversation gets over, you shift to some other planet. This is the main reason that our association never picked. You seem not to have developed confidence in me and my work and perhaps that is the reason you always kept your side as safe. You have been so close to me and stayed here for months and to my surprise you did not bother to meet me. It was not at all disheartening but yes it was a confidence shattering for me when I think of some professional association. You have always played waiting game. In professional life there is no waiting time. Either you perform or you perish. You have taken the responsibility of working on so many projects but every time when we talked I found you without any output. You can take any project as example.

Let me be a bit more specific. I have requested you since years to help me in generating business, of course on professional terms, through project outsourcing but you never ever reacted to this. Perhaps your other planet was waiting for you at the end of our conversation always. Let me quote your last words on this, “If at all I would go with project outsourcing, why not I do it with my brother’s firm”. This is definitely not at all a good sign of any association. Every time I asked you to raise some fund through some investors through your end, you always have some excuse or other. You know it in your heart that you never ever made any efforts. You have cited so many other excuses to cover this but perhaps you have not heard the phrase, “Rome was not built in a day”. You were bogged down by so many ports with so many inputs and many more lucrative ideas and offer to concentrate with me. Still you have many options. That is good indeed. You took your decisions and some ways down or other it has hit our association very hard. You have perhaps time for each and everything beneath the blue world and you want to conquer each and every element on this universe.

But, my dear friend, I have stopped day dreaming and have started leaving a realistic life where only efforts are counted. Your mere words will do no help. I never ever discuss my professional life with anyone. I do not have time to experiment now. I have liabilities and limited resources. I know it very well that I am going through a very testing period but life is all about coming out of those phases. Someway down or other I will make my ways. You please do not think about me but rather concentrate on your future. I do not play around with options. I have shut down my options now. You have said that you have a very good option with one of your friends. Please plan with him. All the best for that venture. I am not in a position to plan something four to five months down the line. I am living everyday as it comes at present. I have not seen that long as by that time I have to do a lot more works than just waste my time on ifs and buts. You please continue with your views and ideologies and I will keep on finding my way.

Please do not act foolish. Life is not a joke. Stick to one decision and respect that decision. If you need four months, take it. Till then you will have hardly anytime with you. Just concentrate on your job at hand. Decide your next course of action soon after.


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