“Life & Society – A Different Perspective to Society”

Extract from the book “Life & Society – A Different Perspective to Society” By DEO


How fool I have been to be fooled by someone whose disloyalty to the world was so apparent and yet I believed her with hope that I will meet with preferential and dedicated fate. Everyone used to utter senses which I considered as nonsense. I was the most intelligent and understanding person in this world. I only understood the life and person and others were simply ignorant of truth and even if they knew they did not have common sense to understand the way I have been looking at the things. My mom always used to say that nature and signature of a person never changes. Perhaps, we get so obsessed by our belief that we tend to give a pervasive action for everything beneath the blue world.


Sometimes the visible cuteness and beauty is just a mirage wherein the more you get into, the more you will realize the bitter pill. Is it because of the universal static force in which two objects when come close to each other develops a static charge opposite in nature and keep on pulling towards each other till they come in contact with each other. The moment they come in contact with each other, repulsion starts as they exchange charges and contain same charge. I have learnt this nature of force in childhood. Is that what is truth in real life as well? I know it beneath my heart that this is just a case which is never universal. Of course I might have only witnessed majority of such incidents but then there are greener grass on the other side as well. We never learn from mistakes of others. We never head to the experiences of others. We only judge based on our judgments.


Perhaps this is what life is. I soon realized a very unique philosophy of life. Each and every person in this world is unique in his/her thought, intelligence, understanding and approach towards life and behavior. There might be an intersection of a few characteristics among a few due to common upbringing or environment but in totality they are poles apart from each other. Whenever we try to understand someone by getting closer and spending hours or days or months or sometimes years together, we do have a perception that we can judge that person completely and we have understood all ifs and buts. We often forget the very basic law of this life. Life always swivels in 360 degree. When we want to see a sphere as a whole, we rotate the sphere throughout the 360 degree to have a glimpse of its all sides and then we conclude its spherical nature. When we try to understand someone, we only visualize and perceive that person from one angle till our vision and observation lead us to and we never even think of the rest uncountable angles of vision and perception since we never have the luxury of rotating the wisdom of the concerned person for our sake of understanding. So how do we believe that we know someone? It is not more than a hallucination of understanding. Even in the case of a sphere, we have a look and feel of it superficially i.e., from outside however we are not even aware of anything beneath forget about its core.

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