Maneuvered Through the Meanders

Today my thought maneuvered again to the once very busy path which led a beautiful stream and I could recollect the banks on both ways as if they had just been crossed. I pondered for a while to observer the wrinkling meanders. The banks have receded far beyond retracing with bushes and wild throng covering most of them as if there was not a trace of their earlier flow. The wild bushes have started flowering with white and yellow buds which were mostly covered with dusty spider nets. The splash of stream was still very audible but the visual charm has faded away. I went to the spot where we used to play hide and seek. Surface was still shallow with grown up grasses and too thick dried up bushes as if the bushes there have gone through many recycles. I could see the tamarind tree, on which we used to climb and jump, still standing erect but there were none to play with.

A small cute island has immersed in between the banks midway through the flowing current with stunning young dunes. Vegetation was still to grow there. The bright appearance from the sideways gave it a golden look through the sun light. I wanted to have a closer look and feel the faction. I hired a boat; rowed through the current downstream to reach the island. On the way in between the current, I could feel the cold breeze which pierced through my skin giving an initial shivering through all my veins. I regained my senses and started enjoying the site seeing all through the navigation. Soon I reached the island which looked so deserted from close. There was hardly any feel or presence. I looked at the banks which now looked so pompous and lively. I could remember the flash of gleeful chirping of sparrows on trees. I felt that life is not on the mirage but on the bank and without even giving a through look, forget about delaying momentarily, bowed upstream to the bank. By the time I reached the shore, I have already faded my excitement for exploration, junked my thought to regain back to reality. It is definitely not that easy to forget the flavors of thousands of shades from all ages bundles into nearly a gigabyte of emotional precedent package of burden. What should I do with the burden of my dedication? Should I press ctrl and delete and then thought to forget it for now and proceed to regular routine?

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