More learning from Shree Bhagavada Gita – II

Bhagavad Gita is a bundle of knowledge. The more we go through it, the more we understand. It is perhaps one of the most ancient eternal sources of wisdom. The wisdom is such wide and diversified that we could relate its preaching on each and every segment of life. The essence of life and deeds, understanding and wisdom, the information and our ability to grasp the information, it is beyond our understanding to comprehend each and every intricacies involved as it is such a divine source of knowledge.

The Lord himself conveys to Arjuna not to get deviated from any such thoughts and emotional outburst as he was destined to rise over evils. If one gets deviated from what he/she is destined to do then the natural system will bow down before the uncertainties. We must concentrate on what we are supposed to do at the best of our information and wisdom. Being a ksatriya, if one declines to fight then he will be a ksatriya in the name only and not in personality or fame. This should be understood very deeply as it is the basis of understanding in society which none of us ever does. The society during the days of Mahabharata was divided caste system where a particular caste was separated based on their social work and activities. Work was the way of identification of masses but these days we never understand this basis thing and we separate masses by their caste. Whether it is schooling, society or politics, caste are the only play cards left and people are even not aware of their duties and identification due to their achievements. Memory of masses is diminishing with every passing day. We tend to forget anything so easily that irrespective of many scholars and preacher all around the world preaching this great Bhagadava Gita, still we have not understood the importance of work rather than caste and every now and then befool ourselves with this false understanding and thereby disintegrating our own race. Here weakness of heart has been stressed very significantly and we should understand the most basic fact that everything in this world is perishable in one form or other. We should not deviate ourselves from our goal because of love, affection and sake of appeasement for our superficial closeness. We must be focused in our approach and understanding. Our work and responsibilities and the only reality and every attraction and appeasement are nothing more than a mirage. Even the Lord himself does not approve such cowardice attitude in the name of some deviations.

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