If government takes taxes from investment in shares then why does government not secure the money when the group collapses?

Asked By:- Karan Ojha

Your observation will definitely raise huge eyebrow of many people around. Government is not an individual but an organization who works for a system which takes care of all segments and from all sides. Government levies taxes for its operation as well as to carry out the overall developmental work for the benefit of all and especially the underprivileged in society. Government carries out job for the overall progress of a nation. Besides, government gives you peace of mind through an organized and secured system where almost each and every grievance of any type is addressed in some platform or other. In a nation of more than 125 crores of population, one cannot expect government to act as an agency who secures the assets of every individual. Off course government through different channels is there to protect the interest of all its citizens. When a group collapses, government has already drafted very streamlined and effective policies and various related departments like NCLT etc. are already functional to secure the interest of all such cases. You can always knock the door of judicial system which off course is a part of government. Do you expect anything more? If so, Government is very actively working on interacting with its citizens wherein you can always post your cause/concern/suggestion through various channels and you will always be listened.

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