Who has been the greatest cricketing captain in the history of the game?

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Among the cricketing great captains, I will not shy away from confessing that I have not witnessed the whole game annals but definitely I have been a very keen observer for majority of the cricketing seasons till date where all ethnicities have scuffled for testimony where protagonist of all episodes have sundry mark and leaders of varied nature have manifested their presence with every passing aura. Among the great leaders, I am yet to identify the greatest one than Mr. Hansie Cronje. He has been undisputed cranium of the leaders from all fronts who nurtured even the handicapped into colossal. I presume that Mr. Allan Donald would value this better than anyone else in this world. Among the shrewd captains, Mr. Steve Waugh and Mr. Arjuna Ranatunga tops the list who have been so valuable to their respective horde in converting their affluence into invincible. Still, I would rather rate Mr. Saurabh Ganguly as the most innovative leaders the cricketing world has ever witnessed. He has been so instrumental in changing the mindset of not only his bunch but the whole nation of more than one billion where the lame and timid opinions have been diverted onto the fighting and inspiring tales. His influence has been so much that it transformed the universal notion into an optimism of faith to such an extent that even a new comer would stand against the proven giants or Mr. Mathew Haden cadre. This was his aura to the game. Otherwise leading a gifted bunch is not a big deal of success.

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