We have been victimized by the management of my company for no reason and I am feeling very disgusted. Every now and then my company introduces new management and we as a loyal employee always face the heat of all the consequences of every management. Please suggest me a write up to wake them up.

Asked By:- Bhavana Shah

It is very sad and disgraceful that we as a group question and doubt on the proven performers for years who have shed their sweats for this company on round the clock basis for the benefit and growth of the group as a whole and who have stood with the group in all weathers when so called professionals prefer to step by the greener pastures. The group has always been thorny for its existing and loyal bunch whereas it has shown its most generosity towards the perennials whether in the name of non performing GM or advisor or director or for that matter any other officials who have been mere spectators responsible for collating booty only for years and vomiting honey to the stake holders and thereby accumulating all praises, so reserved for the deserving and performing lots who sheds their heart out under all turmoil. What have we done for those except pointing to do this and that, and blabbering for recovery and other big words but inside out we know the truth that we promote in the organization as a whole. After donkey’s year, people here come for a few months collect handsome package and leave when they are required most in the most scratchy phase and then this whole group is left  in the hand of only those handful ones whom we consider inferior and raise our fingers. What are we trying to portray and where are we heading by adopting this policy? Growing this way, the group will be devoid of even the handful of loyal ones. It is up to the stake holders to grow or ruin their investments but it is really heart breaking when comparisons are made and performances are compared with the grey hair lots who prefer to have the cushion of luxury seasons and sold out dates and the inferior generations are left to prove their worth in the sand dunes. Frankly speaking, it is very suffocating to continue under this constant grueling choking atmosphere and hence it is requested to finish off all the discrepancies going on and simultaneously may arrange and prepare for an absolute handshake as I am afraid this scenario will crop up again when some more grey matter will suffice. This is not to vent our anguish over anything but to make a point on what and when we should be a bit considerate upon something and at the most when and whom we should prioritize our priorities. It is just an over thought and intended nothing prejudiciously.   With Best Regards,

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