What is a problem?

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A problem is a junction of views or opinions or obstacles or afterthoughts or imaginative situation where information is less or where we tend to create a situation where we presume that majority will have less or no information. It is perhaps a perceived gap of abundant information on a specific situation which is difficult to achieve as per our specific expectations. Looking from another opinion, it might be a situation where we are striving for our goal which raises doubt or uncertainty or difficulty and which needs out attention. The situation might arise from our inability to understand the situation from unexplained or inadequate scenario. We do a lot of research and analysis at different levels to make out generalized related information which gives us a solution or thesis and thereby adding to our information catalogues related to the problem. It is same whether we consider a problem from real life scenario or philosophical perspective or scientific approach or any other point of scale. It is very relative in nature as problem for one might not be a problem at all for someone else as people differ from each other in information, intelligence, experience and resources which differentiate one from other in understanding same situation. We obtain solution of the problem by applying some already available information in the form of research or law or theorem or in whatever form it might be available. When we come across a junction where our information and senses are available in surplus to make out a solution of the problem we do not call it a problem. When we presume that majority of masses might be going through the same line of thought we call it a universal problem and so on. Suppose we are sitting at our terrace and we know that to come down we have to walk through the available stairs then we do not foresee that as a problem. The same situation when viewed from analytical perspective as what will be the speed of our walking down the stars and how much steps will cover at our single endeavor or how much time will we take to reach the ground floor then the same view transforms into a problem with multiple opinions which we call solutions. It is our thought which grades a situation into a problem and classifies it into various verticals which we learn under different pustules at different levels but the basic situation remains the same. It is just our way of attacking the situation which defines the complexity of the problem.

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