What is solar flare?

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Solar flare is an intense to mild brief to sudden eruption of high energy radiation from sun’s surface to outer space. Solar flare eruption often brings with it magnetic and radio disturbance on earth. It is generally associated with dark spots or active regions at sun’s surface and affects all layers of atmosphere emitting radiations across all wavelengths of electromagnetic waves. It is mostly not visible from naked eyes since majority of the flares are spread over the frequencies outside the visible range. It often disturbs earth’s ionosphere disrupting long range radio communications. It even influences local space weather and might have a significant impact in some cases in the topography of the planet. The frequency of solar flares varies from less than one per week to many per day following a cycle of 11 years from active period to quite period. There is always a risk of biochemical damage in a human body due to radiation exposure risk posed by solar flare generally outside the earth planet.

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