Should one go for long term benefit or short term sure gain ? Should one minimize risk or maximize profit.

Asked By:- Suresh Gupta

This question is very tricky as short term sure gains are very tempting. It can last longer but may lead to dissatisfaction or many unforeseen circumstances or challenges. But it blunts the picture of long term overall goal. Recognizing the right possible option will mean that you know the difference between a good potential situation and the ones to avoid. Too often, people get caught up in the moment and believe that if they opt for the short term benefits, they will have option to move to next situation with benefits of short term goals however, they miss an important point here and that is every option brings with it another set of situation which dilutes the overall goal as a whole many times. The truth is, by the time we come to know of it, it is already too late. So, we need to balance our act together considering our situation and priorities. General saying is that no risk no gain. If you dream big and aim for big, you need to risk big. Nothing comes free as platter. You have to earn everything. Optimization is good but it will never give you the word big rather it will enhance your present scenario a little or more. If you have present stability and you are bemused between short term gain and long term benefit, it is advisable to long for long term bigger goals as long as it is realistic.

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