How to become more bold ?

Asked By:- Suresh Gupta

Boldness is more a state of mind and is a reflection of social impact and upbringing on an individual. It comes from within. Start doing small ones. Be expressive and extrovert. Be calculative in your approach to life. Change for good. Prefer initiative. Accept what is before you. Smile is the best tool. Try to use the human behavior changing tool hugging and apologetic. Attire what is best suited to you and you are comfortable with. Dress up for the occasion. Start a converse face-to-face. Be generous. Keep trying. Uplift others when they are down. Be compassionate. Be questionable to yourself. Keep yourself informed. Try to understand as much as you can on yourself. Appreciate your surroundings. Always pretend you are bold. Try to create opportunities. Think of a character from your memory which you consider bold. Try to be honest with yourself and your surroundings. Ask yourself what you want and desire. Be flexible. Take risk without being reckless. Embrace failure. Be courageous. List out your action plan and reflect on it. Try to meet and start conversation with at least one stranger during your daily routine. Practice makes perfect. Do your homework. Try to keep your promises as much as you can. Take a walk in somebody else's shoes. We should avoid being hesitant. Do not pretend introvert. There should be no place for pride. Avoid over thinking. Avoid randomness. Do not try to do anything to be unique or shock others. Avoid surprises. Avoid imitating others. Learn to say no when you are unwilling to do something. Avoid confusion. Do not think much on what people think much of you. Stop complaining. Don't judge. Do not waste time. Avoid your fear. Do not always try to be liked Stop being nice. Most importantly avoid arrogance.

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