Where to start with ? Is yoga better than Tai Chi

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Tai Chi and Yoga are both graceful form of exercise. Both forms have great medicinal value in addition to most physical grievances. Both methods use mind body calmness approach. Key in both techniques is calmness, stretching and breath work. Tai Chi is more a form of martial exercise with innumerable medicinal healing benefits including answers to many physical ailments. It involves a series of bodily involvement with shifting of one movement to another without pause in a relaxed manner. Tai chi promotes self defense which is not in yoga. The goal of tai chi is to transform into a great skillful harmless fighter. Yoga is more a form of still postures. Each posture is paused before shifting to the nest posture. There are some unique postures in yoga like downward facing stance and headstands which is against the gravitational pull giving more rest to heart and other vital body organs. Some of the facial expressions like smiling and laughing are unique in yoga which has a vast impact on inner peace and stability and at the same time facial muscles exercise. Yoga promotes universal love which is more or less not present in tai chi. The goal of yoga is enlightenment. Some postures lock certain joints and body arch which is not in case with tai chi. Preference of one over other depends on the personal liking and more importantly one should first try to find out which form suits the body better. If a body responds better to still postures, yoga is always more suited and on the other hand if a body responds better to constant movement, tai chi should be preferred. Yoga is suited for any age while tai chi is very hard when body movement weakens due to old age or illness.

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