Is iPhone better than android ?

Asked By:- Suresh Gupta

Data is more secured in iphone than in android devices as iphone hardly allows external storage devices like sd card which is vulnerable to easy access. On the contrary, android gives the freedom to access your files from anywhere which is not possible in iphone. Android, being open source allows customized version which is prone to bugs and hacks when devices are susceptible. Iphone has a closed source only Apple’s official version iOS and hence are more secured. Android has the luxury of a range of devices and models from numerous manufacturers with varied range of screen sizes where iphone version is very limited. Android updates may or may not work on all devices which are not the case with iphone since the devices and manufacturer is fixed. Same is the case with android apps than that of iphone apps. Smoothness of iOS is better with respect to android. Android has processing divided while iphone has different processing layers for different interface. Developers have to test their apps on very limited devices in iphone whereas they have to do the same at large number of devices for android which makes an app run better on iphone. Iphone is easier to adapt for users than android. Android is faster growing segment than iphone just because of its open source nature which is easier for device manufacturer to adapt to. Android devices hang more often than iphone. Android does not have the luxury of loyal fan base as much as iphone. Android gives you variety which is never possible in iphone. Variety of design and look of android devices is eye catching while in iphone it is very limited. Andoid devices are far more economical than iphone ones. Iphone can be imitated in android but reverse is not possible. You can love the pc experience in android but it is not possible iphone.

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