How to make oneself more peaceful on the inside ?

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Inner peace is more a state of mind than the external influence. We do things that bring happiness to us with a sense of relief and great satisfaction and then feel very peaceful from our inner sight. These days, we are overburdened with our regular stress to such an extent that we hardly have any time for such word like inner peace, forget about pondering on the way out. Life is full of stress. At the best we can try to ease it out as much as we can. We should start our day after a sound and long sleep. It is always helpful to take deep breath and splash water on face. Walk a few minutes in fresh air. Lighten the surrounding as much as possible without direct sunray. Take cool morning shower followed by some meditation like pranayam for a few minutes. If you are on going through any turmoil, just give yourself a break. Point out all the minute details possible which are responsible for our penury. A sigh of relief will be noticed with immediate effect. Spend a few minutes of private space with oneself. Maintain a personal diary and always keep it by the side. Try to understand the beauty of nature and learn to enjoy it. Always keep smile at our heart. Be expressive and straight thinking always. Always be optimistic and hopeful. Try to extend our helping hand wherever and whenever needed. Many times we are confused between sixes and seven and we always long for the path not taken to be different from masses and mark our presence felt. It is very prudent to identify our objectives and goals beforehand and ignore all the deviations followed. The more we think differently, the more we get confused when we have already set our goals. Always be realistic in our approach and thought. Do not try to put ride more than one boat at a time. Try to calm down our environment. Keep our surroundings neat, clean and tidy. The more we keep peace with ourselves, the more we radiate serenity to our contiguous. Always try to understand that peace is the ultimate power. We feel highly satisfied and peaceful by spending time with our most intimate ones. We take pride in doing any favor to them. A smallest activity brings a big smile to us. The intimate one may or may not be human as sometimes we do feel very peaceful in isolation, sometimes with our pet, sometimes at our garden and so on and so forth. Accept what is available at present. Pondering on things which you might have will gain you nothing. Do not think of others and their thought as your life is not others but yours only. Always be a good listener and keep learning. Live in the present moment as future is not what you think of and past has already passed. Try to find your own meanings of peaceful existence as per your belief and lifestyle. Do not expect anything from anyone. Understand your flexibility and dimensions so that we may not long for more. Try to finish a work as soon as possible. Try to be honest to yourself and your surroundings. Bring more energy in your daily life. Witness your deeds on regular basis at solitude. Germinate the inner sense of understanding and sense of tolerance. Nourish the good in others. Do what we love most and enjoy most. Try to spend a few moments of our life in bringing smile on the face of others. Take inspiration from self. We should avoid anxiety always. Do not interfere in others' business. Forget and forgive should be the new approach of life. Never long for recognition and fame. Do not be jealous. Do not expect too much from life and surroundings. Do not bother on something which cannot be fixed. Avoid anger, violence, irritation, revenge, frustration. These bring a sense of negativity in our approach to life. Do not waste our precious efforts on something that might bring harm to others. Do not hurry anything. Try not to react to anything and everything.

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