I am too tired jn the middle of the day . It is hot and humid. Assist.

Asked By:- Suresh Gupta

Feeling tired in the middle of the day in hot and humid condition is the most common problem among masses. People take a quick nap to get rid of it and refresh them but when you wish to avoid this conventional process, you need to give a serious thought to it. First of all, wake up feeling refreshed and alert and if you put alarm, never hit snooze as it will keep you drowsy for more time without adding to your sleep. Take deep breath and feel fresh air. Brighten yourself with more and more light. Splash water on your face and prefer cool morning shower and stay alert throughout the day. Allow air to circulate your place.

You need to energize your regular diet. You should take as much fluid as you can in your daily routine. You should have good and energized breakfast even if you do not feel like hungry. You should start taking small meal every three to four hours with proper balance of carbohydrate, protein and healthy fats with a lot of fibers and fluids. Include fish, egg, berries, green leaf, baked sweet potato, black bean, air-popped popcorn, an apple with the skin, walnuts, yogurt, broccoli, carrots, and juicy fruits, like watermelons, oranges, and grapefruits, nuts, spinach, salad with olive oil in your diet. Salty food, coffee or strong sweet black tea with at least eight glasses of water per day is recommended. Remember that, diets high in fat can lead to daytime sleepiness and less alertness. You should carry out regular light exercise. You should have sound and long enough sleep.

Avoid improper and incomplete sleep at night, raising your anxiety level, any emotional trauma and rejuvenate everything that you have around, drinking too much alcohol, chocolate, spicy foods, energy drink, having a bad diet, disturbed sleep pattern, working at night shift, depression, getting bored, smoking too much, vigorous exercise, eating too little, warm or hot shower.

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