Smartness is not in appearance but in mindset

The whole nation is gripped in development wave with people often emphasizing smartness and digital as the words for new generation. If we need a mobile handset, we choose Smartphone with bulky features and heavy specifications as we do not want to lag behind our surrounding. It is more of a prestige issue rather than usability of the technology at its best after so much investment. Now people carry multiple sets with uncountable features and most of the time they are not even aware of the facilities inside any. Are we adapting ourselves with the technology or the technology is overpowering us? We are so crazy for the latest release and update but we hardly update ourselves with their usability and benefits. Same is the case with technological advancement as it brings a revolution in our society but adds to the already chaotic and congestion of our mindsets. We purchase vehicles with latest model and park them anywhere or rather drive them with virtually little or no traffic sense at all. Don’t we give some of our precious space on learning the usability a bit? Our traffic sense is so poor that we need control at every check point to drive smooth or else we will simple create a havoc situation.

We desire world class facilities but do we really deserve them? Before smart cities, our nation needs smart citizens. Smartness is not in appearance or technology adaptation alone but equally in the mindset of citizen to understand, adapt and maintain the smartness. It is just a case of social immaturity of technology adaption rather than our ignorance. We often look west and adapt to any new release but we are not at all ready to accept the innovation at its best. The innovative home is matured enough with gradual and stepwise progress of mindset as well social evolution but when we adapt to a technology, we are lagging behind in the evolution. This is the main reason behind our creative chaos everywhere with advancement. Most importantly, we are either not aware of our ignorance or we do not heed to such necessity.

There has been a lot of hype on smart city project but unless we work on improving the insight, thinking, mindset and approach of our citizens, we are not going to achieve anything out of this smart city project. Smartness is not in appearance but in mindset. We have big luxury vehicles to roam around, costly handset to whatsapp but still we chew pan masala and spit here and there. We may have Mercedes Benz with us but still we park it here and there and drive the vehicle as if we are the only one around causing a lot of commotion on the road. If I think and act smart, I would make my surrounding smart. This is perhaps an area we should not ignore and rather work simultaneously to impart smartness in the mindset of citizens including social responsibilities, moral duties & ethical approach to life. Institutions/organizations/individuals should be encouraged to take up the responsibility of empowering the citizens to understand the value of life and surrounding. Then only we could achieve the success in any project whether it is smart city or cleanliness drive or any other cause.

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