Social Change

Yesterday evening, I left my office very late for home with one of my colleagues. It was around mid night. We bid adieu to each other and separated in different directions for different locations. Hardly had I covered 800 meters when the rear wheel of my bike punctured. I was scared as it was almost 6 km still to be covered to reach my home and time was already not in my favor. I had to reach the office very early in the morning. I started pulling my bike in hope of some mechanic when I saw a repairing shop almost 500 meters away. I approached there which was just adjoining to a restaurant. Suddenly, a few young lads approached me for help. I was a bit surprised as I had not experienced such things before. They were very eager to help me out and started inquiring of possible solutions from nearby but the shop was found to be locked and they got very upset to know that they were of no help to me. I thanked them for their support and left for the nearest petrol pump which was almost 3 kms away but on the other side of an over bridge of almost 2.5 km in length.

Hardly had I moved 300 meters then an autorikshow stopped and offered help. I knew that he cannot do anything and hence I thanked him and moved towards the bridge. The bridge grew longer and longer as I pushed my bike when a bike stopped, two young lads stepped down and started pushing my bike up the bridge. Again i had not asked for any help. They helped me all the way till the downside of the bridge which was more than a km long. I missed to thank them which I am still very regret of.

I started the downward journey. It was pretty easy as I had to hardly apply any force. I could see the petrol pump almost a km away. Then again a bike crossed me, returned back and offered me for help. I knew it was not required as i was already moving down towards the pump with very little effort. I Thanked him and continued. I reached the pump finally. It was almost half past one. The guys there tried all their best to pump in air in the rear wheel of my bike but perhaps the damage was bigger and hence they suggested me to leave the bike at the pump, return back the next day and get it repaired. I feeling very tired and looking at the only possible option left the bike there itself and left for my home. I returned back the next day, found the bike as I had left and got everything repaired with the help of my flat mate.

Incidentally, the very next day, at the same time, front wheel of my bike got punctured but this time I was very near to my home so it was pretty easy to push it to my parking.

Throughout my penury I received help from so many persons even without asking them for any and without knowing any. I was overwhelmed by the courtesy, support and help of the people offered to me although I never asked for it. Are we witnessing the radical and social change in our society?

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