Sustaining the Market Turmoil

Indian economy has witnessed a steady pace with its GDP growth rate constantly progressing at healthy rate for a few years. Suddenly people opted for a change in Government which proved a master stroke as the GDP growth rate peaked. There were a motion of growth and progress everywhere. Government started promoting start ups and innovation by launching various schemes and facilities. Suddenly there was a revolution of growth with budding opportunities and innovative ideas. Entrepreneurship has never seen such a peak before. Market zoomed with praise from every corner. People abroad were amazed to see such a turnaround suddenly. Statements emerged from nation after nation. After all those ups, market was bound to undergo the law of average.

And as unexpected, there was a sudden announcement from the first leader of the nation. What a bouncing step from the boldest leader of the nation. Demonetization announced with very little window for citizens. Whole nation stopped. Each and every individual lined up for transaction. Banks grew goons and behaved goners. To the pity of nation, banks starved for cash. Forget about the growth and startup and GDP growth rate, there was a sudden stand still. There was a definite change in fiscal deficit and that too quite remarkably but at the cost of the pains of majority of the Indian civilization. Future definitely promises to be a better place to live. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Through all these, market has witnessed all sorts of swings and turmoil. The festive season has seen early holidays with mixed festive mood due to big question mark on pocket and spent. Year 2016 already reaching its dawn and celebration of the New Year at its brink, rules and regulations are lined up to add to the already prevailing woos. Business all around has already been hit with the waves of demonetization and the aftershock is still awaited. A chaos of uncertainty still prevails. Questions mark still prevails as what next is on the way and what the future awaits for.

Amidst all these uncertainties and speculations full of confusions, the year 2016 has slowly reached its dawn. Businesses are already going through all possible turmoil slowing the pace of market as a whole. Society is trying to cope up with the change. HazirJawab has been able to be stand strong even in these rough times. The portal has diversified its feather and serves with its consulting and counseling services to one and all. HazijJawab understands the sentiment of people precisely and provides the carefully apt intellect and wisdom to all through the voices of its experts. Hazirjawab is blessed with a dedicated team which is led from the front by expert with great business acumen who are well versed with all ups and downs of the market to sustain any tough situations. With the immense experience and knowledge of the ecommerce industry and pioneer of many such pillars, he always focuses on making the experience of its users from all over an exceptional one and at the same time he keeps pace with the ever changing technological and market which add to the user centric approach. The team of HazirJawab is a blend of youth, energy and expertise in his / her own domain. Everyone is infused with user understanding in a patient way strategized accordingly to endeavor for its guest satisfaction. The market analysis ability and observation of the details along with the experience of the industry triggers the creativity that ultimately benefits the growth of the group even in tough times and earns the trust. The passion to grow and serve makes the portal stand out in terms of taking risks and heading ahead better and faster. The remarkable approach and understanding with extra ordinary vision to grow makes its services encourage the mind-space to think and grow. With its creative way of progress, HazirJawab is growing strong with the passage of time.

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