The dearth of quality is hurting very badly

Every industry is surging to boom ahead but for the lack of quality in their segment, they are yet to catch up with the best in the business. A new and emerging venture with adventurous CEO who has great vision mobilizes the quality resources into their pool of talents leading the business to prosper with quality. However, most of the emerging industries are lacking quality in their talent pool which lead some to premature death while the others are plagued by slow or virtually no progress and even if they somehow manage progress, the dearth of quality is pegging them always.

Recently, I came across a colleague who was very extrovert and outspoken. She used to carry herself beautifully although the basic factor i.e. knowledge and intelligence or rather common sense was missing very badly and surprisingly she was not aware of her shortcomings. After a few months working in our company she jumped into another for better future however, never ever endeavored for improvement. Since she was highly outspoken, it was not easy to judge her but while working for sometime everything got apparent. She seemed to be very good at her mother tongue but her proficiency in other official language was found wanting. She used to cover this up by maintaining good communication with her colleagues who used to help her out always as she was blessed with gender benefit. Her performance began to shine although efforts emerged from somewhere else. She got promotion due to her extraordinary efforts which esteemed in her a belief of superiority and extra ordinary. She used to dictate her terms. This resulted in highly poor portrayal of the image of the company. The results of her works were poles apart from the facts. Ultimately the loss went to the kitty of the company just for hiring poor resources.

It is not always easy to venture into something and succeed straightway even if every step has been put correctly. Good talent pool with proper resource allocation is equally important for reaching the zenith. Success in any industry is always preceded by the zeal and enthusiasm of its talent pool who give their best endeavor for the growth of self which ultimately leads to the development of the company as a whole. Compromise in this segment is always going to reflect at every junction of future growth.

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