The Legend of Anil Kumble as Chief Coach of Indian National Cricket Team

The moment you are selected to represent national team and you are handed over the Ashok Chakra embedded cap on your forehead, you are stamped as one out of 1.3 billion population in one of the most popular sports of the country where crowd of playing and following the game is touching billion. There is no reason to feel dejected or demotivated.  Setback and uncomfortable are not the words which have any mention in the dictionary at this juncture. Playing for the nation in itself is one of the biggest motivation. If your captain or coach raises his voice in order to make you follow certain protocols, it never limits your greatness in any sense. It is just a matter of understanding your value and the value of the stick master with you who is there to perform his task which is far more authoritative and responsible and who is leading the best in the nation. In short, showing patience and understanding the value of system cracks all the nuts. There is hardly any scope of complacency and self esteemed ego. We should not forget that the stick master is no mean a person and rather he is legend in himself with numerous world records under his belt and who has ruled the world in his respective field during his days. Just for the sake of past laurels, he deserves our bowed head and when he is there on a mission to lead the best lots in the entire nation and to transform the lots into world beater then his approach and methodologies is bound to be out of the box and he is bound to infringe the comfort zone of everyone to come up with the best out of everyone. There should not be such a hue and cry in the media all around. It just shows how immature and unimaginative we are as professionals in our field and it never robs the greatness to the extent of a pin from the legend.

At the highest level, everyone is self motivated and should be self motivated to understand their sake and pride involved as well as the stake of nations involved and we should never forget the expectations of more than billion people involved. It is just a race for the little which pushes the team as a whole as everyone is at par with others. This is just a race of those very little at the top which makes people train hard and sweat under any extreme conditions.

In order to achieve your goal and reach greatness, you have to be innovative in your approach and understanding and you have to follow unique way of preparation even if it is detrimental to the ego of certain section. The tougher you be the better transformation you will introduce in your system. It is not bulling around with anyone and rather is a case of mental toughness which gives you with immense impulse to topple the greatest peak in front. You need to go through regular introspection and scrutiny such that your methods and approach do not become predictable as then it will be easier to overcome for anyone. You have to be always honest with yourself on your strengths and weaknesses which is worked out and strategically planned in such a way that any weakness does not have any impact on the outcome. You have to be good enough on that very moment to prove your worth and your presence to the entire world. There is hardly any scope of repeated mistakes. One has to take everything on the chin and work on it for common goal. Off course it is matter of fact that heavy hand never goes in the good rule book of anyone and if your objective is to achieve the best you have to accept the criticism and learn to cope up with it. Constant nagging sometimes does not work with some person if motivation and urge to excel does not come from within. Nothing in this world comes for free. We have to pay the price of everything in some way or the other.

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