The legend of Being Aamir Khan

I have been very fascinated to shortcuts and easy solutions from my childhood. Most of the times, I used to make out my own ways of shortcuts. Slowly I learnt the art of being a good listener, recollecting facts and information, analyzing the facts to come up as close to the point in a factual and realistic manner as possible. Although it needed a lot of patience but the outcomes would generally be equally sweetest. The most satisfying ones are the associated influence that the efforts accompany with and make others appreciate the work. Gradually, I grew a fondness to the researched grey matter which might have one point for one but innumerable ones for others.


Indian film industry is the largest film industry in the world still it lacks freshness and innovations. People are so prone to shortcuts that they hardly have time and patience for understanding the common cause or depth of a concept. Bollywood sees thousands of releases on the same line but lacks a single innovative concept. When we compare the releases with Hollywood, the films are far more unique, conceptual and fresh. Perhaps our film makers are far more inclined towards multiplicity over thought as perhaps they fear if the audience will like as stakes are high. However, there is no replacement to the genuine efforts and analyzed labors. We have a thinking film maker and the legendary actor in Aamir Khan. His every work and release comes with a lot of depth and after thought which often makes worth watching. Whether it is a matter of films or televisions, he makes a point or rather raises a cause which eventually turns out to be a turning point of our society.


He was the host to the famous television serial ‘Satyamev Jayate’. Every episode of the serial would telecast a real new social cause, which has been so ignored but prevalent in our society, which needed our attention although as a matter of facts we were completely unaware of their existence. The serials would bring out the points which was too life touching. Aamir khan chose to highlight the social cause through television with very little known serials to millions in the country and even raised the cause at the highest level for much needed awareness and attention. During the days of telecast of the serials, super stars would never like to venture into the small screens. The serial was watched throughout and was appreciated globally. It touched various segments of the society in the manner never thought of before. It proved to be a once in a life time opportunities for many and life turning viewership for many other philanthropists. People gave attention to generally ignored segments of the society. Most important point of this serial was that it changed the way of thinking of millions and was very instrumental in highlighting the inefficiency of our society in dealing with many issues.


All of his works reflected a great depth and understanding which touches our sense in such a way that we start looking further differently. An effort might not be as fruitful for us but can prove to be a life changing example for others. I happen to witness the new release of the superstar Aamir Khan, ‘Dangal’. The iconic actor once again chooses the most ignored and neglected segment of our society which still has very little feminist involvement. The film featured the struggle of a family who promoted female wrestling among his daughters and made them word beaters in the arena ignoring the social norms where such sports in females are highly condemned. The film would revolve around the life of a wrestling family with four daughters who all were international level wrestlers and their hard work and struggles in the process. Film and its concepts are immaterial here. The main point is that people throughout the nation was completely unaware of the neglected segment of sports and the athletes. The movie proved to be very eye opening one for viewers throughout the nation and everyone started inquiring the real heroes. People came to know of such great athletes of the nation and the family as a whole, received love and respect it deserved. Soon after, the sports got attractions from investors who stepped out to make best out of the popularity and a new league of wrestling was launched which witnessed great viewership, appreciation and popularity. People started loving the sport of which they were so ignorant a few days back. The athletes suddenly became superstars and people from every corners started respecting their grown popularity. One small step proved a giant one for mankind. Successful people finish their job, genius sets the milestones while the legends start trends.

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