The Poor Banking System

Banks and other financial institutes are not for poor although they spend hefty in showcasing themselves as the most caring. If you are jobless and somehow you own an account, bank charges monthly fine which is huge sometimes more than Rs 600 per month and the poor chap when fails to maintain the minimum bank balance in his account prefers to keep the account dormant as if he could not maintain the minimum balance how could he pay the fine which many times accumulate to thousands of rupees. You cannot even close that account as you have to pay the fines then. Is it a result of bad loan or bad policy are we superficially projecting ourselves at par with the west ignoring the fact that majority of us still long hard for daily bread? Our great banking system!


If you share good rapport with bank officials, you will have access to each and every benefit and offer of bank. If you are new, you will have to go through herculean documentation process followed by collaterals and then the attitude of people on the opposite side of table. And yes, do not forget to show your pink side of your past income tax return filed and clean record. If you need money and you are bankrupt, this system is not for you. If you are already driving Audi, they will finance you for Rolls Royal. Poor chap! You do not have right to even dream if you cannot walk. Our great banking system!


They nurture mostly on the money of common people as people hardly keep any in current account. Still the sufferers are the same people. Off course, there are uncountable justifications and explanations and other way out but keeping our hands on our heart do we really think that we are justifying ourselves with the society where the needy ones still suffer.

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