The real problem of plenty – Information

The more we get informed, the more we unearth the facts. However, most notable point to make is, do we have time for information assimilation or rather do we have intent to look after facts? Someway down the informatics graph, we very often realize that our problems are not what we have been longing the solutions for as it comes out to be a mere mirage where the more we look for solutions, the more problem keeps running away from our reach or rather the problem resurfaces with new challenges. On our endeavor to understand, ask questions on every possibility and analyze the facts and details, we very often witness that we have been chasing the wrong ones. This is where our most virtuous intellect turns into a fool’s paradise where solutions are in plenty but the real problems are in scarce. We do often witness brains jumping to solutions before even understanding the real problem. We never ever care to realize that the problem might not have been projected correctly or someone might not have even been given a chance to make a point and hence the real problem remained incomplete.


I was sitting with my flat-mate who happens to be a very informed individual. He used to watch news throughout the days, live debates and analysis on television set. He himself has a literary passion with poetry, short stories and couplet writing as his hobby. He used to debate on topics which we often choose to ignore. We do share the same flat, we are poles apart in our ideology and way of looking at the life. He hardly finds me sharing the viewership of his programs on television as I am not very fond of news and those debates which I very often observe as fabricated, premeditated and biased and henceforth I choose to ignore wasting time on such programs and rather concentrate on my writing job which often labels me as ill-informed. Looking at his dedication and intent towards learning and his approach towards freshness of ideology, I was inclined for a short conversation on the budget which was just announced.


Everything went fine for the first sentence. I was given nice audience since it has been a donkey’s year when we have sat together for an intellectual debate. I was trying to project my best understanding and then suddenly I realized that I do not have any right to do so. The moment I started the nest sentence, I was bombarded with the multiple solutions and alternatives which off course have not even a distant sniff of my point. I was trying to calm him so that I could at least have an audience to keep my viewpoint but my efforts went in vain. I was forced to accept innumerable solutions and alternatives. I struggled for more than half an hour just to keep my view point forget about debating further but my every effort went in vain. Realizing that I will never get an audience since the person in front is full of solutions and information, I decided to do away with my views and my points and stopped my struggle to complete the second sentence which was started way back. For the next a few moments, I was regretting for starting something which knew that I would never be able to complete it. Finally the debate ended in the victorious face of my room flat-mate and a very big question inside me as what was the point of discussion and what did he say for all hours when he did not even care to listen to me once for the main topic.


This is the real problem of our way of leaving in this rat race world where we are trained to thrust our views and opinions on others and do not let others speak as the moment they will speak, out initiatives and points are likely to get diluted and we might lose our upper handedness. We jump to solution before clearly understanding the problem. This is our biggest penury. Unless we get to the shoes of the person in front, we will hardly get to know the real cause and hence there is no question of any amicable way out.

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