Top 10 Game Changing Captains in Cricket

Top 10 Game Changing Captains in Cricket has been: –

Saurav Ganguly – He was the captain who changed the perception of cricket in India. He introduced aggression in Indian cricket. He introduced a belief, which was never witnessed before, that any team can be beaten at any place at any time. Under him, players learnt to express themselves both on the field and off it which started a new era of cricketing outlook.

Hansie Cronie – He was the captain of Midas Touch. Whoever, he touched upon turned gold. He had a nick of choosing the best and getting best out of them. Whoever, he introduced in the international cricket performed beyond expectations. He made his team look simply invincible till he himself killed his fortunes.

Greame Smith – He was instrumental in reviving the fortune and respect of South African cricket. He made the team invincible again which has lost all its teeth after the reign of Hansie Cronie.

Steve Waugh – There has hardly been any cricket captain in world who was as gritty as him. His never say die attitude and ever fighting spirit was the pioneer of Australian cricket who ruled the cricketing world as unbeatable for years.

Virat Kohli – He is one of the most aggressive cricket captains that world has ever seen. He has taken over from the reins of Dhoni’s calm as new aggressive generation where performance is the only mantra to survive. His never say die attitude has made him the best chaser ever in the cricketing history. Invincibility is simply a word to him. He has become the idol of every young generation.

Martin Crow – Very few people know the greatness of his captaincy. He has scaled many peaks during his tenure.

Clive Lyod – There were hardly any team better than his in the cricketing history. He transformed and led his team as unbeatable for decade. Many great names were born and nurtured under his tenure.

MS Dhoni – He has the calm head complemented with aggression. There is hardly a better finisher in the cricketing world than him. There was hardly anyone ready to captain the team when he took over with uncertainty prevailing in the team as a whole. He took over the captaincy from very volatile team and transformed into a winning bunch.

Arjun Ranatunga – Sri Lankan cricket is fortunate to have a cricketing icon in his name. He simply transformed his team into winning lot. Infact, he taught the team to win and simply made them invincible during his tenure securing world cup for his nation.

Imran Khan – There was hardly anyone in the team with better understanding of the team as a whole. He has a great cricketing sense and understood the psychology of his team best and made them win the world cup as a lot.

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