Top 10 Greatest Mathematicians the World has ever Seen

Top 10 Greatest Mathementician the World ever Seen are: –

Leonhard Euler is regarded as the greatest mathematician to have ever walked on this planet. His genius has led to the discovery of huge mathematical formulas and
introduction of mathematical notation including the concept of a function, shorthand trigonometric functions, the ‘e’ for the base of the natural logarithm, the Greek letter Sigma for summation and the letter ‘/i’ for imaginary units, as well as the symbol pi.

Carl Friedrich Gauss rose to greatness from his very teenage, composing the incredible Disquisitiones Arithmeticae, at mere 21. His contribution in number theory and
fundamental theorems of algebra are incredible. He introduced the Gaussian gravitational constant in physics and many more even before he turned 24.

G. F. Bernhard Riemann huge contribution in Geometry is unforgettable with wide range of theorems bearing his name.

Euklid-Von-Alexandria, better known as Euclid, is considered as father of Geometry. His bits and pieces of works are still the foundation of various theories in Geometry and Number theory.

Rene Descartes, French mathematician, made ground breaking contributions in mathematics and modern calculus and geometry in particular alongside Newton and Leibniz,
is best known for his ‘Cogito Ergo Sum’ philosophy and Cartesian Geometry.

Alan Turing made various discoveries during his lifetime and created ground breaking methods of code cracking and is regarded as one of the best minds of the 20th Century with notable work in computing. His Turing test is still used to evaluate computer’s intelligence.

Leonardo Pisano Blgollo (Fibonacci) is perhaps one of the Middle Ages greatest mathematicians and is best known for inventing Fibonacci Series. He contributed greatly to the introduction of the Arabic numbering system.

Wilhelm Leibniz shares honor with Isaac Newton as the inventor of modern infinitesimal calculus. He was the chief architect of introducing integral sign and large contribution to the field of Topology.

Isaac Newton is regarded as the inventor of modern infinitesimal calculus and the forces of nature which are studied widely as Newton’s Law. Who can forget the apple falling on his head incident which opened the era of science?

Pythagoras from before the Christ era was a Greek Mathematician known for his legendary work on Trigonometry which is taught in schools as Pythagoras Theorem which is
the foundation of measurements. He is regarded as the founding father of modern mathematics.

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