Top 10 India’s most popular and tasty food items that have origin outside India

Top 10 India’s most popular and tasty food items that have origin outside India are: –

Pao – It is consumed at almost every nook and corner of India and its popularity has made us believe its origin in India however it was introduced by the Portuguese as daily bread when they first landed on Indian soil.

Idli – It is so popular in southern part of India that people has added a nomenclature for this disc and added it in south Indian menu perceiving it as origin of that place. It was introduced in India by Indonesia however; many believe that it was brought to India by Arab traders in south India. One thing is for sure and that is it has its root outside India.

Biryani – It has its root somewhere in central Asia and spread to other corners. Since it came to India, it has grown its popularity based on region, flavor and taste and have inherited numerous names signifying as if it has originated from there.

Coffee – It is very popular in India and is consumed by majority or the tea consuming population in some form or other however it has originated in Ethiopia and was introduced at other parts of the world by various wandering preachers.

Samosa – It is one of the most popular snacks in India and people just love the taste which has gained popularity based on regions. It has gained its nomenclature from all possible quarter and ethnicity however very few people are aware that it has its origin away from India, in Persia.

Potato – If there is one vegetable to name in India, it will definitely be potato. It is consumed both as vegetable and as fruit at some corners. Hardly any people are there who know that it has been introduced by Portuguese in India. It has its origin from Peru and from there it spread to all around the world.

Chillies – India has been origin to spices however chilies are not. It was introduced in India by Portuguese however its root can be traced to Mexico. Indian have added chilies in each and every possible recipe and its familiarity has grown to such an extent that it is very hard to believe that it has not originated from India.

Gulab Jamuns – Many would not believe that one of the most mouth watering sweets in India at present is gulab jamuns and is consumed both cold and hot. It has originated from Persia although its popularity in India as desert makes it more familiar in India.

Tea – We have heard many flavors of tea like Darjeeling, etc. Even we have heard that, most of the tea of premium quality is exported from India. It is one of the most comfort drink of almost every Indian with flavors of all possible permutations ranging from regions, ethnicity etc. its popularity and harvesting in India has made it more Indian however it was introduced in India from China.

Dal Bhaat or rice and pulse – No Indian will finish their day by consuming a combination of rice and pulse at least once in a day. There are variations on this combination for taste and benefits however it is very hard to believe that it actually originated from Nepal and is not an Indian dish by its origin. It entered in India from north and soon spread throughout the nation most popularly known as dal-bhaat in Hindi.

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