What an idea presentation it was?

It was a day of mixed fortune for me. I was confused between my state of celebration and setback. On one hand, I had opted to part away from my existing circle and on the other hand I have been assigned new and challenging job profile with significant hike in my profession and pocket. My colleagues insisted me to continue since the opportunity was highly lucrative at such a tender age of my career and beneath my heart, I had some faint urge to continue since I have been very used to the atmosphere and the team simply loved me like anything. I took a week off and went into my usual pensive mode. One day, my boss visited me at my residence and asked me to reconsider my decision. I consulted with my close ones since I was still not sure of my decisions and then the next morning, I, dressed as usual in formal attire, was seen by my colleagues who were very excited to see me back.

I started the next meander of my professional life. Soon new project was launched and I was asked to lead the project. There were numerous meetings and analysis and recruitment and all sorts of office junk. Since I was leading the project, I was entrusted with the freedom to choose my team as per my desire and hence I was very careful in and observing minute details of all candidates. Work resumed and project progressed. I was assisted by the management with a creative creator who was also taking care of work assigned by the branch head. The person was definitely not from technical background and project and idea seemed way beyond her scope of understanding.

One day I came to know from the creator that branch head has assigned her a job which was beyond her scope to prepare an idea presentation on mobile governance. The concept was pretty interesting and I was wondering how someone so novice in the domain knowledge could come up with the presentation. By end of the day, my fear turned true as I was approached by the creator for assistance on friendly note. I knew that it did not fall under her scope and hence I agreed to assist her. It took me more than two days and nights complete to formulate what was expected. Since it was not my job and I was too occupied at office, I concentrated majority of my work till late night and early morning. Sometimes I used to wonder if I had ever worked so much. In the process, I had to bear a lot of burnt from my mates for striving so hard for someone else but I never listened to anyone. They were wary of my helping her so much. Anyway, the presentation was conceptualized and it received praise all over all. But that incident started whispers among the feminine section and communication with the creator extended beyond office hours.

After a week of intermittent communication and regular work, I received a call in the evening. I was still at my office and my colleagues have already left a long way back. I picked up and said, “Hello” on which I received an answer, “I love you”. I was surprised and could not believe my ears and exclaimed, “What!” On which I received the same smiling answer, “I love you”. I was stuck without words and did not know what to say and then ended the communication which was in fact the beginning of the communication.

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