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When I was a kid at the age of mere two and half years old when I had barely started speaking, I was introduced to a private tutor to start learning. I could hardly remember anything except running between the main gate and my house gate which was separated by a distance of nearly fifty feet. (By the way, when I grew my senses, I used to leave in a government allotted quarter, as my father was a central government employee, which had big campus since it was the corner quarter and it was situated in the middle surrounded from all sides with open spaces and a big farm of more than an acre beside the quarter. There was a huge field outside to act as playground for all quarters which were surrounding the field). I was told to recite some new learning and I used to run from the house gate to main gate and back and the time lag was enough for me to memorize the new lesson. Soon enough, my parents realized that I should be introduced to some school for better learning and hence I was enrolled to a make shift school at around stone through distance from my home at mere age of quarter to three years. Although the school lacked and lagged a lot in teaching standard but other options were too far for us to pursue. We grew up and completed our schooling till standard three but my older siblings had to stop further learning since the school had no facilities to teach beyond standard three and other schooling options were beyond our reach as firstly they were too far away, secondly kids in our neighborhood did not pursue their study beyond and hence it was easier to seek the trend. It is far easy to learn a bad habit than unlearn the bad habit. Fortunately for me, by the time I could reach standard two, my father got transferred to other city and I was introduced to better and continue education and my other siblings were introduced to higher education but the damage was already done and the impact of interruption lasted for ever.

• Are you facing the similar problem as I have been suffering from?
• Are you still unaware of any information or knowledge due to your ignorance?
• Are you devoid of any information or knowledge due to unavailability or beyond your reach due to any capacity?
• Are you deprived of any information or knowledge due to unwanted and idealistic gap between the resources and your presence?
• Are you bemused between problem of plenty and you are not able to decide what is good for you?
• Are you looking for a proper guide you could show you the right path to success?
• Are you surrounded by ignorant and uneducated masses where no one is there to guide you properly?
• Are you overloaded with work which you want to be done through some other helping hand?
• Have you taken up a work which does not fall under your domain and you need some domain expert to finish off your job?
• Do you want to outsource your workload to someone capable enough to execute it efficiently?

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HazirJawab.com unveils a comprehensive consulting and counseling portal which will look after your all needs irrespective of work nature and volume.

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