Wrong Side of Influence

We are too tempted to outburst our opinion but very often we miss the core thing and that is to know the facts. Being factual always negates any unwanted impression of possible folly due to ignorance which we may not even be aware of since we have hardly bothered to get to the facts forget about further using our wit to analyses the facts and come to a more plausible wisdom. Is that what we call ourselves as the most important and intelligent person around or just a pretence of our portraying ourselves as the most intelligent or rather most informed person around so as to make our influence on the people around and superimpose our impression upon others or plain and simple old habit learned from old schools and following it proudly as if there is nothing else beneath the blue world. Whatever the reasons might be but it is always advisable to shy away from expressing ourselves and dispensing our views.

People around us are so be fooled by just listening to anything crabs and expressing as if he/she is the most intelligent and informed people around that they end up in ruining the existing scenario rather than rebuilding/ reshaping/ improving upon the existing system. I myself have been a witness to innumerable circumstances where experiences are shared and unwanted views are listened sometimes willingly and sometimes unwillingly and many times people head to those and ruin everything that was so good till then.

While my stay (on rental accommodation) in Delhi for higher studies, I myself came across this wizard incident which amazed me a lot as how people can be so influenced by the character they see that they start relating themselves with something imaginative which is meant just for viewing and entertainment purpose. I used to share a rented flat my school mates during those day and we used to share a very healthy friendship with our landlord and his family. The landlord had quite young family with his beautiful wife a small kid. They seemed to be very happy as they were fortunately equipped with all resources and luxury at their hands. The landlord used to visit out of town regularly for work however the landlady used to spend much of her free time watching daily soaps. Gradually she got so occupied with the teleshops that she used to ignore the whole world around and keep herself glued to the idiot box or rather television set. She started sharing similar opinions as the characters of the teleshops and her expectations started matching with what she used to visualize regularly. Problem gradually mounted for the poor landlord as the teleshop expectations are quite often very weird and unrealistic to make them interesting. Days passed followed by months. One day while having our regular evening tea, we heard some noise upstairs where the landlord used to stay with his family. Since, we were too familiar with each other and were sharing a very happy rapport, we went upstairs to have a word and to our dismay, we found them in deep quarrel. Later we came to know from the landlord that her sweet lady had started matching her behaviors and expectations with those of the virtual characters leading to such quarrel although in real life they did not have any other problems among them and they were very happy family indeed.

What a pity it is that we get so easily influenced by the incidents happening in our surrounding rather than pondering over it and thinking for a while if that incident is really worthy enough to command so much of our attention and do we really need to head to the glamour and awe of the visuals we come across.

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